This is a site of our SOLD OUT, non-restockable items.

Also, is our site of testimony to tell others how our customers loved us. *wink*

That's why, we would like to hear from our "pretty phelauwers" who have been supporting us all this while. Do drop us any comments on our email so we could paste it up on our board.

Great news! If you find your items doesn't fit you, do let us know too. Because we serve in committment of good quality products, and we want to keep that. Again, thats why this is our re-sell site too (for only phelauwer customers)

Do drop by in our email, tell us which items, reason why you want to re-sell it. However, there are certains rules applied:
1. it must be BRAND NEW!
2. the re-sell price must be the price you got it.
3. do leave us your name, email and contact no.

*Note* Re-sell items doesn't always meant bad quality. It can be the size matter, or the skin colours. And we would like other owners to have them too. Why go to waste bin, when your trash is other girl's treasure?

Monday, April 27, 2009

Love Goes Around

Our first batch of pretty "love" necklace are all SOLD OUT! at the price of RM 25

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