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2. the re-sell price must be the price you got it.
3. do leave us your name, email and contact no.

*Note* Re-sell items doesn't always meant bad quality. It can be the size matter, or the skin colours. And we would like other owners to have them too. Why go to waste bin, when your trash is other girl's treasure?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

OMG!...Jimmy Choo Inspired

Jimmy Choo is actually a Malaysian desinger. His designs were made famous by Princess Diana. Jimmy Choo is also well known for his bags. But not everyone can afford a real one huh....

Anyway, we bring u this Jimmy Choo inspired

A shoulder bag, great for college and shopping. Its big enough to fit your pencil case, make up pouch and other stuff. Material is soft leather, very comfy when carried.

At the bottom left there is a little Jimmy Choo tag

Bags are available in Black and grey....

ONE PIECE each!...the others grabbed at Unifest.

+:Price: RM75 ----->> NOW RM68 only

grey (reserved) & black (SOLD)

Friday, January 9, 2009

Shiney Beat (SOLD OUT)

*Gorgeous shines?
Take a look at the real piece and you'll love it.

A mini dress! wait! and sexy one.. too.
Material is smooth lycra... So oh-so-comfy..

*sorry for the dirty mirrors*

+: Size: UK6 to 12 (strechable at the back)
+: Price: RM35 RM 32 only *its a steal*

Our gorgeous got reviewed on Cheri Chapstick
"Only available in blue. This is the epitome of devilish! A shocking midnight blue with sequins to shine for that star in you! Wear it for clubs and dates at night to get that attention from everyone! Plus, the price has been reduced. EEK! Get yours now!"
*quoted from TCC
Thanks Babes!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Florence (SOLD ALL)

Thank you very much ...
Flower Dresses! A must haves for every season in our Boutique.
That's what make us "PHELAUWER" - means flower. *giggles*
How can we miss that huh??

The material is lycra, and no joke is smooth and comfy to wear too.
Also, it comes with a tie string behind, so that you could fit much better, flaunting out your body. *wow*

It comes in 4 different colours of flowers for you to choose..
+: Size: Free (uk8 to 14) strechable with a tie string..
+: Price : RM 45only ----->>> NOW RM35 only
+: available in
Rosey Red - SOLD
Sunny Yellow - SOLD
Winter Grey - SOLD
Purple Daisy - SOLD

Layer Cake (SOLD OUT)

Spag-V dress, whoa! totally irresistable*melt*
We have this piece here that's totally stunning for your body..
Take a look at the tri-colours, something different?? *giggles*

Material is cotton, which means really comfy..
Take this baby out for a stroll at the shopping mall, or pair it up with a cute little wedges for a night's out with your date..
Also, just pair it up with a leggings, and huala a gorgeous top for you. *winkwink*
Its strechable at the chest area!

+: Size: Free (UK6 to 14)

+: Price: RM45 ---->> NOW RM40 only

mustard - SOLD

mustard - SOLD

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Cardeee (SOLD OUT)

We finally found cardigans for you girls!
Since the poll started, cardigans and jackets catch the highest, so we decide to find some for you girls. *grins*
But we didn't just get it for the sake of getting it! We want it COOL.
You've always seen the long striped-cardi! NOW, we got striped half-cardi with HOOD too.
How cool is that cool? *you think*
Three buttons on the front and bach hooded with string too! Totally body-licious!
psssst, it flaunts out ur shape too and keeps you warm..
*Gosh, just nice for those killing air-conds in college.. *

+: material : cotton
+: size : Free
+: price: RM 25 *totally steal*
+: available in
electric blue (SOLD)
sunny yellow (SOLD)
shinning white (SOLD)
1 black armour (SOLD)
1 black armour (SOLD)