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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Go Professional Girls (SOLD OUT!)

How can you resist such adorable vest???
We all know now, vest are not just for work anymore. It's FASHION!
And yes, it suits occasion like work, strolling on the shopping malls, chilling out with friends and any way how you want it to be. It's oh-so-matching for ALL!

Btw, vest are usually the one that makes us (women) looks strong and poweful *LOL* . That's how we tell the guys that gurls rule by our dressing. hehehe^^

*Comes in Black only with white lining*

:+ Price : RM32
+: Size: Free, (adjustable tie ribbon)
+: available:

Beach Holidays

It's time to hit the beach these holiday seasons.

We all know New Year is coming soon, and the Chinese New Year where everyone's is planning for a family trip!!!
So you wouldn't wanna miss out sexy bikinis to hit on to the sunny beaches!!


Blue Love


Little Rainbow

The material are good material and is comfortable too.
The BlackMoonlight and Little Rainbow comes with a matching mini beach skirt too which makes you oh-so-lovely while you're strolling on the sunny beach. Just imagine that!!

+: RM 30

+: Quality: Swimwear and padded

+: Size: Free (Fits XS to L) Adjustable tie string

+: Without matching beach skirt!

BlackMoonlight (SOLD)

+: RM38

+: Quality: Swimwear and padded

+: Size: Free (Fits XS to L) Adjustable tie string

+: Comes in matching beach skirt

LittleRainbow (SOLD)


+: Quality: Swimwear and padded

+: Size : Free (Fits XS to L) Adjustable tie string

+: Comes in matching beach skirt

P.S: Sorry not much of modelling pictures because of hygience purpose and i'm very shy to take pictures with bikinis... ^.^

Friday, December 26, 2008



Looks familiar? I guess i don't have to explain; many of you already know lah~
The little shop in Ikano Power Centre LG Floor selling RM29.90 for this.
Honestly, this pants is really comfy. No Joke.
The lenght is 3/4 so it reaches up to my knee nicely (i'm 158cm)
One it makes you taller, second is supeeer comfy, third you can wear it anywhere, fourth it'll never go out of trend, and fifth it makes your leg slimmer.
5 good points, how can you resist that???
+: Price : RM28 FREE POSTAGE! *drools*
+: Size : Free (strechable at the waist, UK4 to UK12)
+: available colours:
candy blue SOLD!
misty SOLD!
pink floss SOLD!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

In love with Kimmies!

Hey darls, we have Kimono Dresses again. We all know we lurves Kimono inspired designs...

That's why we bring you more of it!!

*We have only limited stocks! So you'll need to grab fast*

Thanks alot babes!


~BlueOcean and WhiteBeauty~
+: Size: Free (Fits UK6 up to UK14)
*Strechable at the chest/bust area*

+: Price: RM 50

+: Comes in three different colours
BlackBubbles SOLD!
BlueOcean SOLD!
WhiteBeauty SOLD!

Monday, December 22, 2008

I Heart Kimono

Kimono's are the must haves! Still selling like hotcakes now.
This time we saw something different. This kimono has little frills at the bottom makes you look cuter *grins*

Comes in 3 different colours, in grey,blue and brown

Is all satin-ish material which means really comfy.

+: Price: RM55

+: size : Free (Fits UK6 to UK14)
*strechable at the chest/bust area*

+: inner tube is not included

+: status:

grey SOLD

Blue - SOLD

Brown - SOLD

It's Black, it's White (SOLD OUT)

+:~~ ChessBoard Bag ~~:+
Are you looking for a handbag/sling bag?

Work, college, casual, shopping, travel, all at one go!

+: Price: RM 45 only (it's a steal!)

+: We only have two piece available, so grab fast!*smile*
+: 1 piece - SOLD
1 piece - SOLD

Thanks so much babes! XOXO hugs.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Giraffe in the house (SOLD OUT)

Hey babes,
Know you've been waiting for updates. We're really sorry for the long delays.

Christmas is near, and there's lotsa preparations to do. *LOL*

Anyway, here we are..... bring you GIRAFFE BAG!


The designs are really cute, just like the patches on a giraffe. It comes in three different colours.
We really fall in love with these the first moment we saw this.
And guess what!!! Its the last three pieces cause the supplier says it comes in limited stocks only.
So, gurls, don't miss this out!

+: Giraffe Design Bag

+: price: RM50

+: available in
red (SOLD)
black (SOLD)
mustard yellow (SOLD)

We got reviewed by "The Luxurious Fashion"
Thank you so much dears, XOXO!
Stay tune for more updates coming soon, on bags, bikinis, pants, vest, and our favourties; Kimono Dresses

Monday, December 15, 2008

Bat Wing top

pic of it laid flat

+: So comfortable to wear that you wudn want to take it off
+: Wear it with minis, jeans, skirts, u name it
+: free size
+: status: SOLD OUT

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Kimono Lovers (SOLD)

Black and White, simplicity is beauty.
With a little tie string there, it looks cute!!

+: size uk6 to 14

+: one piece only (non restockable)

+inner tube is included+

+: Price: RM45 (SOLD)

Jolly Dresses

Thanks alot babes!

Tube dresses are the must haves!! for the shopaholics likes us.
It looks great in any occasion, and that's the reason why gurls will never have enough of tube dresses.
You can pair it with heels for dinner outings, with leggings for cinema or chilling out moments, and slippers for beach or shopping. So could you see the versatility?

+: size: uk4 to uk8
+: material cotton
+: available in
black SOLD
white SOLD
purple SOLD

+price: RM35

Maxi Lovers

Thanks alot dears. :)
We know that maxi dresses are selling like hotcakes now, and still there's more of you shoppers out there are looking for a perfect maxi. When we saw these pieces, we can't stop thinking about getting it for you girls.
The material is satin smoothness *is really oh-so-comfy*.
Best thing is, the supplier gave us a really good price on such material maxi dresses. It's also the few last pieces btw.
+: size: uk8 to uk14
+: available in
Red (SOLD),
Blue (SOLD)
white (SOLD)
+: price: RM70 RM60 (its a steal!)

+waist clincher is not included+

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Flower Halters

Thank you so much babes.
Searching for sexy pieces to make your guy friends melt?

Here's one that can make guys *drools*. Well that's kinda a little disgusting to describe rite?

Anyway, seriously no joke, this piece of halter really flaunt your body and it looks great. With three different colours, it definitely match your skin tone. Btw, the flower design makes you look slimmer too *wink*

+ size: UK 6 to 8

+: available in

red SOLD,

blue SOLD!,

brown SOLD!

+: price: RM 30